WhatsApp last seen remover, Trick to hide last seen on WhatsApp for iPhone & Android

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Want to hide last seen timestamp on WhatsApp ? Need a trick to remove last seen on WhatsApp?, Well to answer this very simple question and to save you from that awkward moment when you don’t want to reply a friend or relative even when they know you are online, Here are top 3 solutions to disable last seen timestamp in WhatsApp. WhatsApp has many features but the last seen status is a feature which can create problem for some people who don’t want to show someone when you have check the messages. As of now, there are no tricks or hacks are available for removing last seen in Windows Smartphones and Blackberry devices.

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Hide or Remove WhatsApp Last Seen on iPhone and iPads

  1. To disable WhatsApp last seen timestamp on iPhone, you can simply go to WhatsApp applications
  2. Then tap on Settings -à Advance or Chat Settings -à Last Seen Timestamp and select OFF

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp on Android Smartphones & Tablets (Manual Method)

  1. This is a manual which you have to repeat everytime you want to fool someone
  2. Go to network connections on your Android smartphone or Tablet and Disable your Internet/Mobile Data or WiFi Internet
  3. Open WhatsApp application. Read & Reply to the message you want to
  4. Now close the WhatsApp application
  5. Now enable your internet connection again via Mobile Data/3G/4G/WiFi
  6. As soon as your internet connection up, Your messages will be delivered and WhatsApp server will not your last online status and your last seen timestamp will remain same.

Disabling WhatsApp Last Seen Timestamp on Android (Automatic Method)

  1. Go to Google Play Store and install WhatsApp Hide LastSeen Application
  2. Don’t launch WhatsApp directly, Start this application in order to use WhatsApp.
  3. Once the application is started, it will disable WiFi or Mobile Data connection.
  4. Use the “Launch Whatsapp” button from within the application to launch WhatsApp.
  5. Read all messages, send replies (they will not be sent immediately)
  6. Now exit whatsapp and exit this application, data connection/WiFi will be switched on automatically (If it was ON at the time of launching app)
  7. Whenever a new message arrives in WhatsApp, you have to use this application to launch WhatsApp to hide your status



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