Official WhatsApp Voice Calling feature activation trick for Android

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Finally after months of testing, the most awaited official WhatsApp Voice calling feature application is uploaded on Official WhatsApp website. Though the calling feature is not officially revealed by WhatsApp but here is an easy trick to activate full fledged WhatsApp voice calling feature on your Android mobile.


WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

To Activate the official WhatsApp voice calling on your Android Mobile just follow the below mentioned procedure.

1. Visit:
2. Download Official APK and Install on your phone, calling feature is working on application version 2.11.552
3. Comment your mobile number in the comment sections and you will get an invitation call from us within next 2 hours
4. After getting the call or invitation, the voice calling feature will be activated

You can also invite your friends and family members after getting the calling feature activated

Note: For privacy reasons, your mobile number will be edited before approving your comment. Facebook comments cannot be edited so please post accordingly.

WhatsApp Voice

WhatsApp Messenger Version

To request the activation, Please comment in the below mentioned format

  • Mobile No.  XXXXXXXXXXX


Update (7th March 2015):  Calling Feature Activation is blocked by WhatsApp earlier this morning. Also the latest version available on WhatsApp website is now updated to 2.11.556. Please don’t comment until WhatsApp resume invitation system. We’ll update our blog as soon as we get any update regarding the same.



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