Report: Xiaomi Redmi Note sends user data to China based server

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Xiaomi is making maximum buzz in Indian smartphone market because of its low cost smartphone with high-end configuration. Xiaomi Mi3 was launched in India on 22nd July 2014 on and smartphone went out of stock in just 39 minutes. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi and Flipkart also claimed that its smartphone went out of stock in just 5 seconds, the second time when it was up for sale on Flipkart on 29th July 2014. When there are many customers who are waiting to get their hands on Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone, an online report from Xiaomi Redmi Note user based in HongKong comes as a shocker. The user claims that his device is getting connected with an IP address in china and sending texts & photos to a server based in Beijing, China.

This report stimulates the speculations of Chinese government spying on users around the globe through phones built by Chinese manufacturers. According to the report, transfer of data started when the Redmi Note was connected to Wi-Fi. The user even tried rooting and flashing the phone with different firmware but issue was not resolved.


The Hongkong based user also published screenshot of the same to support his claim and explains that Pictures from Media Storage and texts are being sent to the server and a user think that it is Xiaomi’s cloud service backing up the data which company also confirmed is done on server based in china but Xiaomi’s cloud backup feature on MiUi was turned off when the transfer was taking place. PhoneArena reader also pointed about the involvement of Chinese government in this. As per PhoneArena’s report, looking up the website of the company owning the IP Address reveals that, “CNNIC is the administrative agency responsible for Internet affairs under the Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China. It is based in the Zhongguancun high tech district of Beijing.


Source: PhoneArena



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